Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Classic R&R 4 Seasons Pictured Above: Long, Valli, Gaudio and DeVito

The Classic 4 Seasons Rock and Roll Line Up (1965-1975)
This is the group that most of us saw in concert and the true fans consider this to be the "Definitive Seasons Lineup". This was the "American Beatles": Frankie, Bob, Tommie and Joey! An earlier Do wap version of the group included Nick Massi and after the mid 70s the classic Four Seasons had disbanded and Frankie Valli toured then began to tour with many other backup musicians billing themselves as the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. These later shows where just Valli performing Four Seasons greatest hits and songs for the movie Greese. But, the real 4 Seasons Rock and Roll shows where in the last 60s with Valli, Gaudio and DeVito and Long. All real fans agree, if you did not see this line up, then you really did not see a true Rock and Roll Four Seasons Show! They where at their best then!!!!!


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