Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Four Seasons where all over the radio in the 60s. I remember turning the AM dial on my car radio and it was either a Beatles or Beach Boys or Four Seasons song. The Four Seasons were the sound of East Coast Rock n Roll in the 1960s and even into the early 70s. They were fun times.

Lots of cool stuff on this site- I hope fans keep posting. Love seeing all this classic Seasons stuff.

Hey Lets See Some More of the "Real Four Seasons"
It seems now you can only get lame re-pakaged corporate "greatest hit" CDs, with mostly Frankie Valli's picture on it- but that's not the classic Four Seasons group from the 60s that was all over the AM dial. Oh, and what great concerts in thoughs years. That was rock and roll. Frankie Valli now singing some of the so called hits is not the same, not by a long shot. We know a Beatles or Beach Boy reunion concert is sadly not possible. But the Four Seasons should do a reunion tour or concert- Oh what a night that would be. The "real" Four Seasons- Valli, Gaudio, DeVito and Long. - not Valli on tour with some other backup guys calling themsleves the 4 sesons.


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